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Children/Teen Lessons

“It is hard to keep my girls calm when they get to
The Language School
. They get so excited the minute
they see the instructor; they just take off for their
Spanish class.”
– B. R.

“We moved here from Canada and I was so worried about
our children losing their French. I am so happy I found you.
The kids love coming and ‘Playing in French’. Thanks, C. E.

“My son is only 4 and keeps counting and naming items
around the house in Chinese! I have no idea what he is
saying, I think I need to take Chinese myself now!” T. K.

“My family is Italian and I really wanted my sons to be able
to speak to their grandparents. When I grew up, Italian was
like a secret code to keep us kids out of the conversation,
I don’t want that to happen to my children.” A. V.


We, at The Language School, know very well that the best time for children to learn a foreign language is during the time they are learning their first language, or as close to that time as possible. The sooner a child starts to learn the second language, the quicker they will absorb it, and the easier it will be later on in life to master other foreign languages. 

Our Method: Children learn best by doing, and language is a skill that is best learned just like any other activity - through active participation. Our foreign language classes are dynamic and interactive … the subject language is spoken from the very first day of class.  Foreign games, toys, songs and other enjoyable activities are employed to actively involve children and give them a chance to use the language immediately.  As they progress from the basic to the more advanced levels, reading and writing is incorporated in the instruction.  We teach children from the age of 3 on up.

Private Lessons: This is the best and most efficient way to learn a foreign language. Your child will receive our instructor’s undivided attention, and will speak and hear the language during the entire lesson. We’ll tailor the materials, method and vocabulary to your child’s unique interests and learning style. Moreover, private lessons offer the greatest flexibility in terms of scheduling and learning rate.

Semi-private lessons: If you have two children close in age, or a friend who would like to join your child, we’ll be happy to set up a class for two students. For best results, the two students should have similar learning levels and styles.

Group Lessons: We’ll make these available upon request for your family, a group of your child’s friends or fellow students, etc. This works best with groups of 3-6 students who have similar learning abilities, schedules and familiarity with the subject language. 

Schedule and Duration:

Our private/semi-private lessons don’t have permanent schedules. We’ll start your classes and lessons at any time of the year, in the morning, afternoon, or evening according to what’s convenient for you and the instructor. We normally schedule 30-, 40-, or 55-minute long lessons for children.  Shorter lessons are better for the youngest children,while older ones can usually manage the longer ones.

Please also keep in mind that we offer intensive programs for students who need to improve their foreign language skills quickly.

For rates, please see our Pricing page.
For more information, or if you wish to sign up for lessons, please contact us.

Please take a moment to read this interesting article, ‘Benefits of Being Bilingual’, about learning a second language at an early age:

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