Foreign Language Lessons
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Foreign Language Lessons

Our courses are tailored to your exact needs: whether for travel, business, college requirements, tutoring, playgroups, language maintenance or your own pleasure. We’ll design a specific program just for you.

Our instructors are all trained teachers and NATIVE SPEAKERS. We feel that it is imperative for students to hear the proper accent, and to work with teachers who are relaxed, confident and comfortable in their own language.

Our method: We use a stimulating, conversational approach that actually permits you to speak the new language from the very first day of class.  You’ll learn by listening and repeating. You’ll hear the language the way it’s really spoken, and get plenty of oral practice so you feel confident to practice and use it on your own. No awkward mental translations will slow you down … before you know it, you’ll even be thinking in your new language! We’ll teach you grammar in its proper context -- the spoken language –so you’ll be learning as you speak from the very first day.  And you’ll have lots of fun doing it!

Welcome to The Language School, in Red Bank, New Jersey, the heart of Monmouth County.
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