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English as a Second Language

Do you ever feel self-conscious about how well you speak English?

Would you like to sound professional during a job interview?

Do you have trouble conversing in everyday situations?

Would you like your speech in English to sound as intelligent as you really are?

Do you want to improve your English grammar and vocabulary?

Language helps define who we really are. Here at The Language School, we can help you improve or even perfect your English, so that you feel confident when you speak.

How do we do this?  We use direct, experiential methods – ones that will put you at ease and can actually be fun!  From the very first class, we’ll engage you in speaking English at every opportunity. Our carefully-crafted lessons center on real-life situations, and use simple, natural spoken English. Our trained, native-speaking teachers will help you develop and improve your English, making you a clearer and more confident speaker.  And in addition to teaching you English grammar, we’ll help you concentrate on your listening and comprehension skills.

We understand that different students have different needs, so we create lessons based on our students’ specific goals. Whether you just moved here and are a complete beginner, a professional who needs to perfect your business English, a student from abroad, a nanny staying with an American family, or even if you’re someone who is quite advanced in the language and just needs a little more help with vocabulary and grammar,we’ll tailor our instruction for your particular, unique needs:

For additional information on ESL lessons in Monmouth County please contact us or come and visit us.  The Language School is located in the heart of Red Bank near the Jersey Shore.
Welcome to The Language School, in Red Bank, New Jersey, the heart of Monmouth County.
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